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Welcome to Best Seller Book Design! If you’re here, you have already taken the first step to making your book a best seller. We specialize in strategic design, formatting, publishing, distribution and marketing. Writing alone is a challenge. Add in the murky gap between conception and distribution, well it can be tough to navigate. Best Seller Book Design is the bridge. Focus on your talent. Let us showcase it. We are selective. You have a gift. Send in your manuscript and let’s get started. You can be a work in progress and we are able to detect the genius. There are a myriad of reasons why self-published authors experience poor results. The DIY approach can be time consuming, expensive and is wrought with risk. Let us eliminate that uncertainty. Every step of the process to get your book out and on the market, we manage. Best Seller Book Design ensures your book is a strong market competitor, has a firm presence and will stand out for long term success. The best part, beyond stunning book design and a worry-free process, is royalty and profit retention. After the book design and publishing process, your book is all yours, 100% owned by you. Make an impact. Book a complimentary design strategy session and publish your book.

Strategic Design

Our expert designers create every page of your book, ensuring a unique and conceptual visual approach that is easily digestible by the reader.

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Worldwide Distribution

Best Seller Book Design helps you reach a wide and vast audience through powerful visuals and strategic placement in the marketplace.

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Author Keeps Royalties

The best part, is you get to keep 100% of your book royalties and earnings. Hire us to design and publish your book and you get to reap the benefits!

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The Perfect Solution for your Publishing Needs

Meet Adele

Adele WiejaczkaAdele is the lead designer behind Best Seller Book Design, with a diverse background in design, book layout and overall art direction. She started Best Seller Book Design to help entrepreneurs and thought leaders extend their powerful visions to a world-wide audience. Her progression as a designer has lead her through print, web and interactive formats. Now she is focusing on bringing quality content to readers through the power of books.

Spread the word of current thought-leaders and their conscious visions across the world by publishing their books in beautiful and strategic designs. 
To provide conceptually aesthetic, unique, and effective book design services to entrepreneurs, allowing important information to reach a large population through the book format.





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